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Going to the movies, watching live theatre shows, sports, going to the gym and just to name a few complete the lengthy list of leisure activities. Shisha smoking narrowly escapes this archive as it’s not just a leisure activity but a recreational exercise with huge potential for innovation, research & development. Sure you know where I’m heading – half-way there.

It’s typical to see the press moan about how shisha smoking is more harmful than cigarettes, can kill and all what not. That’s supposed to be a put-off for shisha smokers or those thinking of joining the league of shisha smokers. However, it’s not working – the shisha community is growing. Think about the number of shisha bars you drive past on your way home. A couple right? Lovely.

There’s a new, safer and trendy way of smoking shisha. It’s pretty much an alternative to
the traditional hookahs we’re all accustomed to and helps keep smokers healthy and good-
looking (not like Hookah doesn’t haha). This is called E-shish.

Read the lines. E-shish is simply an alternative to the hookah as it’s a fashionable, handy
device NOT a better pipe. It’s just a recent development, particularly because of the minor
criticism about the health defects of shisha smoking.

More on E-shish

E-shish is the first of its kind, electric cigarette comprising of no tar, no nicotine and no tobacco. Portable, comfortable and could be used to exhale up to 500 puffs per e-shish.

It is identical to the conventional Turkish waterpipe so at first sight, it wouldn’t leave you
too amazed. It’s got colour, disposable and has a signature diamond tip.

Its selling factor is that due to the lack of tobacco and/or nicotine, e-shish can be smoked
irrespective of whether it’s a public area or not. This includes night clubs, casinos, hotels and even airports where smoking is prohibited. So far e-shish is available in the following flavours:


It is needless mentioning that in a few months’ time, we’ll see this device available in a huge range of flavours. The device brings out the sweetness in the flavours without sacrificing the tobacco experience.

Celebs can’t help but get enough…

E-shish is already becoming more of a fashion trend or add-on in the UK. Its popular among the trendy young population in the UK and fast becoming a top choice for club goers and even celebrities.

Celebrities such as Daniele Owen, former Miss England Laura Coleman, Made in Chelsea’s
Natalie and Hugo love this product. Others include rapper L Marshall and the Only Way is
Essex’ Bobby and Charlie. It won’t be long before we see headline pictures of higher profile
celebrities using the e-shish.

Want to give a try?

Fancy having a go at E-shish? Bet you do. Check out our lounges page as some of our bars
offer this service.

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