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For those of you that got the news, how did you feel about it? – The government has issued a warning to shisha cafes in Manchester about indoor smoking. A big shout out to all the Manchester shisha lovers.

The borough of Rusholme has seen more than 30 shisha cafes open up in the last 3 years. The excuse by the government is that smoking in enclosed areas is against the law

Two cafes in Rusholme, ‘Shotz Café’ and ‘Blue Mist’ were fined £3000 for allowing customers to smoke shisha in smoke-free areas. The owners had to face the court and were subsequently found guilty of the offence. The government saw this as a ‘warning to other businesses that think they can get away with the law’.

Challenges faced

There are a couple of major concerns raised about hookah smoking: Firstly, there are several shisha cafes that operate illegally. Secondly, local residents to the lounges have also reported anti-social behaviour resulting from shisha cafes operating till early hours of the morning.

In this light, the local councils are working with café owners to make owners fully aware of the consequences of allowing indoor smoking. The councils also claim that they are working with the police, the fire service and HMRC to implement enforcement issues later on in the year.

Given the growing concerns of the illegal hookah cafes, the local councils intends to launch a campaign against the offence as well as shisha smoking as a whole – perceives shisha smoking to be more dangerous than cigarette smoking.

Is this supposed to mean that we should stop smoking shisha? – Of course not. If the government’s intention is to scare away shisha lovers then they should try another trick.

The good thing is that the only area affected so far is Manchester. There are several shisha cafes around the UK. Check out the shisha lounges page.

This brings me to the next topic: Is shisha smoking more harmful than cigarette smoking? I need your opinions on these. Check out my knowledge centre and blog – I will be come up with a blog on that in the coming weeks.

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