If you find your local Shisha lounge overcrowded, full of children, freezing because the heating is not working or just over priced why not smoke at home. There are many benefits of smoking in-doors not to mention the cost, here is my ultimate guide on creating the ultimate smoking experience.

Step 1: Purchase a Shisha

It its always important to have the right tools, so invest in a quality Shisha and ensure the shish pipe is best quality available. I have found that sometimes you many need to purchase a separate pipe this is because the common Shisha deals available sell cheap accessories as part of the package.

Step 2: Make the perfect Shisha

It is not easy to have the perfect smoking experience without a well made Shisha, In particular the Shisha Head.  Last month Shisha Lovers came up with a 10 step guide on creating the perfect Shisha that can be found here: Shisha Guide

Step 3: Compliments – Mint Tea

Mint tea is a popular compliment to Smoking a Shisha and people often find it hard to make a good cup of mint tea so again Shisha Lovers documented a guide on making the prefect cup of mint tea that can be found here: Mint tea guide

Step 4: Music

I always find creating the prefect smoking experience requires good music whether this is Arabic, english or classical ensure you have the best possible soundtrack to go with you smoke.

Step 5: Enviorment

Find the right spot – In the summer I like to sit in the garden and smoke, In the winter some cushions on the floor in a dimmed room also works.

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