Shisha Lounge

A shisha lounge is a joint where shisha lovers can go to smoke the flavoured tobacco, shisha. The tobacco is smoked through a water pipe with hoses coming off the base. Shisha lounges are getting increasingly popular over the world. The United States for example records about 600 shisha lounges. The same applies to the UK where cafes open up every month. What’s the secret behind this growth? How do you start your
own local shisha lounge?

1. Look out for potential areas where you could set up the business and make sure that the desired location permits indoor smoking. Enquire about the securing the venue such as the rent, bills, permits and insurance.

2. Register your new business with the local council stating clearly you wish to open up a shisha lounge. Secure your tax forms from the HMRC website in the form of a federal identification number and a seller’s permit. You will also require an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) stamp since shisha is a tobacco product. This can be done online and gives you the green light to start your new shisha business. This shows customers that you are a licensed

business practitioner. The registration and initial process doesn’t cost that much. Nonetheless, in a month’s time you could recover 10 times your investment with the millions of shisha lovers out there.

3. Once you have the venue that’s pretty much it. The rest would be to design the site how you like. You will need chairs, tables and of course a couple of shishas so that your customers can sit and have fun. Setting up requires you to keep stock of all you put into your new lounge.

4. Get a few employees. This could be family, friends or local shisha lovers who might even work for free.

5. Price your services and shishas to suit your new lounge. Bear in mind the price has to be reflective of the demand. A bowl of shisha for £ 8 would do and you could price according to flavours or timing. As a shisha lover, you should have some ideas about the pricing as you could relate it to those of the lounges you regularly go to.

Being a business person would be an added advantage because you would know how to boost your revenue. But however, setting up a shisha lounge is an easy process reason why we have loads of cafes in the different towns in the UK. Also, some intensive knowledge of shisha would be very useful. For instance “I have 20 flavours and 5 brands and I can tell you something about each of them”.

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