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Like I promised, I am back this time to feed you all on what popped up in my mind whilst I was enjoying a shisha smoke. I was having a good time – perfect shisha, perfect tobacco, perfect flavour, perfect lounge and environment but the music was enough to put me off smoking Shisha temporarily. (Of course not, Smoking shisha is my part-time job).

On this note, I am writing this blog to share my views on the several genres of music that could give your shisha smoking experience an extra spice. Remember, they are my views – could conflict with yours. I randomly conducted a survey on the choice of music for a smoke whilst in my regular café. This is what I gathered:

R & B

Most of you expected R&B to be first choice right? Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce were the few names I gathered. (You might think I asked girls only – of course not). Imagine the sound of ‘We found love’ or ‘Born this way’ just when you’re about to start your smoke. For you girls, picture yourself having a good smoke whilst the DJ steams the beat of ‘Run the World (girls)’.

Automatically, the groove is on and you are motivated to exhale your smoke to the beat of the song.

Arabic Jams

For those of you who read the blog on the history of shisha, you would find out that shisha was originated from the Arabic countries. So no doubt that many of us would love some Arabic jams whilst having a smoke. Some suitable tracks in this genre are: ‘Baghdad’ by Bernard Herrmann, Any Nancy Ajram  track, classical arrabic, ‘Mundian to Bach Ke’ (a.k.a Beware of the Boys) and other recent tunes by Panjabi MC or Matisyahu. Also, many of us would fancy Arabic techno.


For ultra-chill, how about Bohren & Der club of Gore? The ambiance will be all over the place.


Many of us like to smoke and rap to the lines of Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, especially if you get the flow right. If you smoking at a lounge/café, how would you feel if everyone is singing to the same song? That would definitely get you going.


Every lounge would play bashment at some point during their hours. You need some tunes by Vybz Kartel to keep you in the mood. As for the ladies, the majority will rise from their seats, heading for the dance floor.

Classics (Instrumentals)

In as much as we all love some ambiance whilst having a smoke, sometimes all we need is a quite environment to tick all the boxes when it comes to shisha smoking. You might have had a bad day at work and counting on the hookah to relieve you of the stress. You definitely need some smooth, soothing jams. How about classics by Floyd, Zeppelin and the Stones?

These recommendations are well suited to those who rely on music to get the best out of you. Might not work out for you. For others, the music isn’t really an issue because the hookah tends to enhance whatever mood they already in .It’s fair to say that music has a great part to play.

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