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Hello folks. Hope you all have been bracing yourselves especially as the weather now permits us to hide our winter jackets in the cloak room. As a true shisha lover, I regularly visit shisha bars around the country. Imagine this scenario: You step into a lounge and you’re like ‘wow’. That’s how I felt when I visited Just Sheesh lounge. Don’t get too excited.

It’s a start-up shisha lounge in the heart of Walthamstow and already attracts hundreds of visitors across the UK. It could be a perfect venue to watch a football game – the atmosphere is comparable to that of a proper football stadium. They offer an affluent-style large screen 3D projection and show a variety of shows, live games and showbiz.

I reckon you all would appreciate spending on commodities that provide good value of money. As a shisha lover, I guess your number one priority is having a good shisha smoke. Imagine what you could do with £8? Yes, I mean £8. This could guarantee you a custom-made shisha pipe with exotic flavours and juice. Too good to be true.

Before a smoke, it’s always a nice idea to be half-filled up and that’s why Just Sheesh café has a menu that could cover all your feeding requirements – vegetarian, meat lover etc.

Hang on, we half way there. Just Sheesh also sells a huge range of deserts and cakes. Waffles, pasties and brownie blasts are a few additional items that could trigger you to lick your lips.

Just Sheesh is a new place so this could be the perfect time to call in and book a reservation. I tell you why? Because, their promotion scheme has brought them so many repeat customers in the early months. I mean you could be lucky not to meet a queue, especially when there are live shows and special offers.

For those of you who love parties, this could be your soft spot location for private parties. Call in today and book the arena for your event – birthday bash, wedding do, anniversary or whatever social event you may have. The lounge is open from Monday- Sunday and ends at 3:00am during the weekends.

The lounge also provides parking just at the rear of the café so you do not have to worry about parking a quarter of a mile away.

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  • Ali says:

    I love this place, great atmosphere and the Shisha is to dye for….

  • haider says:

    Firstly this shisha lounge is phenominal in terms of service. the workers at this cafe provided us with the most juciest shisha ever, i mean what tops it off is the fact that they sell beautiful and exotic deserts for you to enjoy while smoking your shisha, by far this is the best place in east london. there prices are very cheap and atm they are doing a very cheap deal which is buy a shisha and get two red bull cans free! how amazing. on the whole id rate 9/10 for this cafe. pure heaven for shisha.

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