Best Shisha Lounges in London

Shisha London  – We bring you the best London Shisha Lounges and Restaurants

The competition is fierce in the UK for London’s best Shisha Lounge. 

The standard has 100% gone up from when we first set up the website but so has the cost!. 

Going out for a Shisha is a special occasion, we just don’t expect the perfect quality smoking experience but food, ambience and service are definitely on the list. I set up Shisha Lovers as a university student and my goal has always been to provide quality unbiased reviews so you have to find the perfect shisha venue for either you weekly fix or special occasion.

I am sure you would agree so finding the best shisha lounge is quite a task and we continue to do the hard work for you.

Where can you find the best food and shisha venue in London?

Specially crafted food and desserts by the finest chefs, London’s Colony Shisha Lounge, Syon Lounge, The Banc Shisha Lounge, Beirut Nights, Hart Shisha Lounge and the VU Shisha Lounge offer the finest quality shisha and fine dining experience in London.

If it’s your Birthday, business launch or any other special event we have the venues that can cater for your special event.

Looking for the best Shisha Lounge in Ilford look no further than the Colony Shisha Lounge.

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Roof Garden Terrace Daytime
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