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I have personally visited this lounge in Tottenham on multiple occasions and I have to say it is one of my favourites. Why you ask?,

well for starters it warm and dry inside despite the weather outside, the staff are welcoming and every time i have ordered a Shisha its been real quality.

The team have a custom built coal burner in the back and a “Shisha bar” where you can see how the professionals make the perfect Shisha. Despite the interest in the lounge the staff take care of you and seat you in the restaurant before allocating your spot ensuring your experience is as smooth as possible.

The Shisha Menu

The Shisha Menu

If your looking for a good flavour my favourites are frozen apple and raspberry and of-course the traditional grape and mint!. I was also encouraged to see the shisha equipment was modern and clean and the coals were always burning hot with not black bits – very important.

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The Food From great burgers to milkshakes, the food is tasty and drinks are refreshing, everything you need for the perfect night out with loved ones or friends.

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The Service The staff are professional and welcoming and try to make sure your comfortable no matter how long the wait is, your not waiting too long for your order and services is definitely a priority here.

On two occasions I asked for a double head shisha and the waiter kindly recommended that was a bad idea as it would be too strong – Amazing!! he saved me money and ultimately this proved he was interested in my experience and not the money.
So if your looking for a good night out, try Huggamug 100% one of my favourite places in London right now!

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How to find Huggamug shisha lounge

454 W Green Rd, Duckett’s Green, London N15 3PT

Tuesday 3pm–1:30am
Wednesday 3pm–1:30am
Thursday 3pm–1:30am
Friday 3pm–1:30am
Saturday 3pm–1:30am
Sunday 3pm–1:30am
Monday 3pm–1:30am