On one very random night I decided to pay Kings Grill  as visit once there the owner was keen on me meeting his Shisha maker. He took me out the back and introduced me after we got chatting I found they guy had a wealth of experience and loved his job.

He then gave me a step by step guide on making one of the best flavoured and smoking Shishas I have ever had and this post describes how to do it:

Making a full flavoured and smoking Shisha

For the purpose of this guide we will be making a classic apple, grape and mint Shisha.

Step 1 . Lay equal amounts of apple and grape tobacco, 40% and 20% mint tobacco onto a clean surface.

Step 2. Mix these flavours together into the surface using the tips of your fingers, as you will do this the excess juices will naturally be removed leaving  a perfect mix of tobacco.

Note: Ensure you mix the flavour very well

Step 3. Sprinkle the flavour into one side of the head and once this is done push this into the entire surface leaving air pockets.

Note: The flavour should fill the head and overlapping a little

Step 4. Place the foil over the top and prick some an equal amount of holes using a toothpick

Step 5. Place the head on a prepared Shisha base, heat and place 1 and a half coals on the edge of the Head and start smoking.

Hope you enjoy your smoke.

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