Pasha Shisha Lounge London

You might be searching for popular locations where you could comfortably rest your mind after a full day of work. For some it might be a cabaret, local pub or even a classy meal at some restaurant. Of course for shisha lovers, it most definitely would be a Shisha lounge.

You might think you have visited almost all of the popular locations. Some would rather just smoke their shisha at home. There is a shisha lounge designated suitably for all shisha lovers – Pasha Shisha lounge. Every shisha lover MUST visit this lounge. Ideally, it’s the tip of the iceberg where you could catch the most fun within the duration of your flavoured smoke. It operates all day-long till 1 am.

Pasha Shisha London is the hottest shisha spot in London

It has the capacity to accommodate over 500 people at once and has the staff and seats to make the most of every shisha lover. If you picture a 2 floor night club where people queue up just to get into the club, then you have visualised how Pasha Lounge could be at peak times. A classic example of where you could bring your partner.

Not just a Shisha hot spot but a restaurant and chill out area. Their menu of dishes (e.g. the Kemia menu) covers all sorts of meals including AsianEuropean and Middle East meals. Also, it serves special Mocktails and deserts which could put you in the perfect mood for a shisha smoke.

Each Shish is perfectly wrapped in a Pineapple head at no extra cost, which enhances the smoking experience.

It also includes unique milkshake bar  called “Hollywood Shakes” offering a vast selection of shakes and Pasha were the first to introduce this concept in the North on England.

Pasha Shisha Lounge London is a hit!

At full capacity, Pasha shisha is a typical ambiance and fun-filled arena for youths and the aged alike. This is reason why the venue is always booked for events such as wedding anniversaries, parties, birthday bashes and other events of this nature. As a matter of fact, Pasha Lounge makes most of its revenue from event bookings as the lounge is gaining a lot of awareness and often operates more than its capacity.

The lounge also has a private area which could sit about 20 people so if you need some privacy and recognition in a luxurious area then Pasha lounge is for you. The Kemia lounge is the area designed for shisha smoking and offers indoor smoking of the shisha pipes which makes it stand out from other shisha lounges. With the harsh winter coming up shortly, this would be an ideal and warmed up lounge for you to get your body temperatures subtle and keep your brains alive.

5* Review

Pasha lounge is a stand-alone shisha lounge. It’s not just some spacious restaurant but a lounge with modern frameworks. It is pictured as a Moroccan palace with soft cushion seats, customised tables set with red roses, North African styled lanterns and a deluxe surrounding. Simply put, it’s a very romantic venue. Couples have been pictured engaging into marriage in this lounge.

The hype about Pasha Lounge is growing and the public is invited to start their first of a thousand visits. Those who visit the venue on a regular basis would tell you to do your judging once you step foot in the lounge. Check out the youtube video below and get wowed by what you see.

120 Harrow Rd, Kensal Green, London NW10 5NA

Sunday 4pm–1:30am
Monday 4pm–1:30am
Tuesday 4pm–1:30am
Wednesday 4pm–1:30am
Thursday 4pm–1:30am
Friday 4pm–2:30am
Saturday 4pm–2:30am

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