Hello folks. Hope you all have been checking out the latest cafes and lounges in town. Temple Lounge, Starbuzz Lounge, Mia Lounge are a few lounges that are highly rated and highly recommended for shisha lovers. As a matter of fact, I have personally visited all the aforementioned lounges and can testify that they are befitting venues.

I am fully aware that I have been quite silent and not released any posts recently. Sorry if I keep boring you all with the same excuse week in week out – I have spent the majority of my time visiting shisha lounges around the country, so that I could then recommend a few to you.

Did you all see the recent headlines? Arsenal’s Marouane Chamakh was pictured in a lounge, holding a shisha pipe with Queen Park’s Rangers’ footballer Adel Taarabt after Arsenal’s shock defeat to the latter’s team. This didn’t go down very well with Arsenal’s chiefs especially Arsene Wenger who was furious about that.

Seems like Wenger was more furious because his team lost than Chamakh’s ‘night out’ with his fellow countryman Taarabt, who scored earlier against Arsenal. Or maybe Wenger was disappointed because Chamakh is already an out-of-favour striker.

Like Wenger, Ranger’s manager Mark Hughes was furious about Taarabt’s involvement in the incident and promised to speak to the player about the incident. Besides shisha smoking is not illegal in the UK.

It’s no surprise that both premier league stars were pictured holding a shisha. Besides, both strikers are Moroccan. If you read the article on the shisha roots, you would realise that shisha originally begun around North Africa and the Middle East.

Arsenal’s Chamakh may be considered a flop in football terms, but he’s no flop when it comes to doing what he loves best – smoking shisha. This news should be very encouraging for all fellow shisha lovers. What if you pop into a lounge someday and find out that Chamakh or some other high profile celebrity was in the same lounge? You will be excited, wouldn’t you?

The interesting fact here is that shisha is widely appreciated not just amongst us, but also amongst premier league footballers. The question many of us are asking ourselves is where such stars go out for a smoke? Indeed, that is my next project. In case I find out, I will share that with you all.

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