ShishaLovers prides it self from standing out from the crowd, being unique and go against the mainstream Shisha bar trends. This is why ShishaLovers loves “Quirky” shisha bars.

So what makes a quirky Shisha Lounge?

Being unique

This month Shisha Lovers teamed up with Zeyara Shisha lounge in Woodford to bring you the flavor Box. After sitting down for a brainstorming session with the owners of Zeyaras we realized that customers often found it hard to choose a flavor.

Shisha Lovers soon realized that the smell of the tobacco gave good insight into the taste of a Shisha flavor and thought it would be a good idea to introduce a smelly menu.

Hats off to Zeyara’s who were brave enough to take on our suggestion and roll it out in the form of the flavor box.

What is the flavor Box?

The flavor box is a tray full of mini jars filled with a selection of the Shisha Flavours, these a passed around to customers who can smell the selection and chose their flavor accordingly.

Having only been rolled out for a couple of days, it is safe to say it is a hit!

The Flavour Box – Zeyaras “smelly” menu

Flavour Box

Shisha Lovers is always on the lookout for unique shisha bars and if you know of any be sure to contact us @shishalovers .