Finding the perfect Shisha pipe is not easy , the reason is that shisha pipes are handmade, so at least the real thing. Each piece is handcrafted in a factory, and when it  is all put together there can be compatibility problems or defects. In addition a visual inspection is needed to check there are not chips, cracks, dents and scratches. Before buying the perfect shisha pipes I recommend you consider the five points below:

Check the Shisha Pipes stem

The first thing to check when buying a hookah pipe is that the mother tube is perfect for the base glass water pipes. There should be a rubber stamp black, white or slightly in place.

Ensure the pipe is airtight

The next thing to note is that to see if the hose hookah shisha and seal the bowl, or sometimes as the pads are included in the pipeline. Ensure the hose is airtight and allows plenty of air through it.  If you end cap the pipe with your finger and blow through it. It turns out that no air escapes or leaks. To check the air flow, without a finger covering the end only breathe through a hose. If difficulty in breathing or sucking through a straw 2 mm, this may indicate an obstruction.


After placing the seals on the hose and container, make sure the container is at the top and push the hose to the inlet hose at least one centimetre and finally make sure you buy a hookah pipe is airtight. Just put your hand on the plate and drawing using the suction hose should feel in the hand. There should be no leakage of air in each of the shisha pipe connections.

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