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It will always be worth stopping down for a Shisha smoke at a luxurious shisha lounge after a lengthy day of work or lectures. However, with the harsh rainy weather and winter coming up, fellow shisha lovers would tend to buy their shisha tubes and smoke from home. Not a bad idea after all. It is important that shisha lovers are guided on how to setup a perfect shisha to set themselves in a perfect condition for an indoor smoke. You might think these steps are as long as your arm but after having practised a few times, you would smoke shisha even in the mornings once you rise from bed. This is a much detailed guide on how to setup your own shisha.

Step 1: Fill the vase of your shisha pipe with water. Ensure that the pipe is not overfilled – water level should be approximately an inch above the bottom of the metal tube when immersed into the water

Step 2: Position the shisha tube over the water vase. Monitor that it fits securely with
no air passage. You should find a rubber cork between the vase and the metal stem to
keep everything air tight.

Step 3: Place the metal circular tray on the top of the shisha stem.

Step 4: Position the clay bowl on to the top of the metal shisha stem. You should again find another cork to keep the link between the stem and bowl air tight

Step 5: Ensure that the whole shisha pipe is setup in an air tight manner. You can test this by placing your hand over the top of the shisha bowl and then suck through the hose. For everything to go according to plan, you should feel a downward pull on your hand and bubbles would instantly start forming in the water vase. If any of the two don’t happen then re-check all the steps above and find out the source of the air leak.

Step 6: Once you have an air tight shisha tube, you are about set to go. Add some flavoured tobacco of your choice into the shisha clay bowl. Sprinkle it onto the bowl and do not overfill the bowl so as to allow air circulation. Ideally, it should be filled to the top of the bowl.

Step 7: Cover the bowl with some foil paper to make it flat and air tight .Using a sharp object (e.g. a toothpick), create tiny holes in the form of a circle along the top of the bowl so that air can circulate through.

Step 8: Light up your favourite shisha charcoal and position over the foiled clay bowl using a pair of tongs. Blow up the lighted coal so it becomes red hot. Remember that too many coals will make your smoke a little fumy.

Step 9: You are set for a smoke from the shisha hose. Be patient and wait for the charcoal to heat properly by taking quick and short sucks on the mouthpiece. It should take 2 minutes or less. You should now get the flavour of your chosen shisha tobacco. Do not forget to wash up your shisha after having a smoke especially if you change flavours regularly. The remains of some flavours accumulate on the shisha if notwashed off. It’s recommended to brush the metal section of the shisha and wash the water vase with warm water.

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  • Manuel says:

    It’s one thing to ban smoking iornods at a facility that caters to the general public; which includes individuals who don’t smoke. But its a whole other subject when you are strictly banning places whose main purpose is to provide an area for smokers to go. I am not a smoker, though I do enjoy hookah a few times a year. But I do see the side of a smoker. They are banned from smoking iornods or so many feet from a building. They are finalyl given a place that they can participate in their chosen method of entertainment with other individuals who chose the same path, and yet we won’t let them do this together in a designated area. Whats teh difference between smoking a hookah in a shop and doing it at home? No one that goes into a hookah bar is angry that when they enter the hookah bar their is smoking. The only people that go into a hookah bar are desiring for it to contain smoke. The smoke can’t effect anyone that is no in the establishment. This article is even more ridiculous in that it goes onto further focus on the whole negative sides to tobacoo and the fact that a water pipe doesn’t filter out cancer creating chemicals WHO CARES!!! The focus of these bills, should not (in my opinion), be on the dangers of tobacco, we know this. Trying to ban hookahs due to the safety aspect is ricdulous. If you are going to ban a product ban all of it, not just the kind of tobacco that you don’t like. Its assine to think people are trying to control other peoples personal liberties like this. Who is anyone to say what I should or should not do to my body if I am not hurting anyone else!

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