Since Shisha Lovers started in 2011, many people though Shisha was a fad that people thought would pass by, the smoking ban hit the industry hard when came into force in 2007 and this was a difficult time for Shisha businesses.

However in difficulty many lounges saw opportunity and we saw entrepreneurs converting outdoor spaces in to beautifully crafted Lounges.

It’s probably safe to say that Shisha is best in moderation, but too much of anything is not a good thing.

I call Shisha Lounges the Asian persons pub, however times are changing, people from all ethnicity’s are being welcomed into shisha bars and lounges and this is a great thing to see.

As a designer I would exploring new creative lounges and you can see when owners have put their heart and soul into their business.

There are a number of Lounges I adore in London for this exact reason and these are:

My Top 3 unique Shisha Bars in London

The Banc

The Banc Shisha Lounge in North London, a transformed Barclays bank converted into a  unique and contemporary 2 storey Shisha lounge. It offers fantastic Turkish cuisine,  deserts menu to die for and the best Shisha I have tasted in North London.

the banc

Visit the Banc

The Secret Gardens

The Secret Garden, Shisha bar in Hounslow London is one of London’s best kept secrets, from onset you are taken away from the busy streets on London into a Magical garden that the owners have put a lot of affection into putting together.


Visit the Secret Gardens

The Play House London

A uniquely quirky and refreshing Shisha Lounge in London in Kensal Town. As soon as you enter the you are blown away with the creativity of the Venue, placed in the garden of a pub it boast a stage and its very own popcorn machine


Visit the Playhouse

I cant help but  mention that if you are out of London you have to visit Pasha Shisha lounge:

Pasha Shisha Lounge

A must visit shisha café with a blend of European, North African and Asian frameworks. With a capacity of over 500, fellow shisha lovers can all conglomerate in one joint to share their lifetime experiences while smoking a variety of shisha flavours.

Visit Pasha Shisha

I think you can tell by this post I am a real Shisha Lover and the culture is evolving – with the introduction of Shisha Pens that contain no tar, tobacco or nicotine celebs and customers alike are embracing Shisha culture and long may it continue.

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