Find a nice Shisha spot in the winter is a tricky task, if you are anything like me finding a shisha cafe with ample heating is difficult and with the smoking laws stating that 50% of a cafe should be open to the elements  this definitely makes it trickier.

Here is my top Shish cafes in London perfect for the seasonal break.

Coco browns  – Ilford (Ice Shish/ Hookah)

Coco Browns cafe is located on Ilford lane, Ilford is way overdue a real coffee shop and this hits the spot, Coco Browns has a luxurious Shisha Lounge at the back of the venue the ceiling of the lounge is decorated in small led lights and along with the low lighting add to a sophisticated atmosphere.

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Pasha Bradford

A must visit shisha café with a blend of European, North African and Asian frameworks. With a capacity of over 500, fellow shisha lovers can all conglomerate in one joint to share their lifetime experiences while smoking a variety of shisha flavours.

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Moroccan gardens- Ilford (Regular Shisha)

A quaint indoor Shisha Lounge, with a good atmosphere and women looking for some privacy will love the women’s only aera.

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Funky Brownz

Awesome Cafes all over the UK providing great Shisha, food and atmosphere

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