Shisha smoking while on laptop

Just last weekend I visited a shisha bar in Derby in celebration of a friend’s birthday. It was a chance for old and new friends to gather and have a good old natter. That’s old friends who are accustomed to the practice of shisha and new friends who have never sat in front of one before.

It was a learning curve to say the least. It can be a daunting thing for the first time. You enter the lounge to find a number of cliques sitting comfortably and smoking shisha like it’s the air they breathe. My friends were pumped at the beginning – ready to experience a little taste of the exotic and to finally try out what we had been going on about all day. It was a bit of a different story when we sat down. They froze in terror, despite the fact that one of the owners went out of his way to create three lovely and fruity flavours at our request. Six people trying to tell the terrified newbie what to do all at once isn’t such a great tactic. So here is some good and applicable advice for shisha first-timers or shisha lovers who can learn and lock away the information for a time they may need to introduce
someone to the practice.

One of the worst fears that pops into many peoples’ minds, is the fear of choking. Most of the time when this happens, it is because there is too much coal. This causes the smoke to become harsh. Sometimes the foil burns but this can easily be sorted out at a lounge. Just ask for assistance! More than likely they will be willing to help you out and will quickly rectify the problem. Sometimes they are scared of what it will taste like. Flavour is subjective but go with the tastes that you feel you will like. If it’s your first time, do not order the one with the bizarre, cryptic name. (Really, been there, done that. It was awful.) Again if you tell the workers what you like they can whip up something that you will probably enjoy.

If you’re taking a beginner, advise them not to inhale excessively at first. They will  probably end up feeling light headed quite soon and will ruin the over all experience for them. It may also be a good idea to advice them not to eat a hearty meal before the session because it will contribute to an unpleasant feeling of feeling ill. Most importantly, just don’t over think it. The experience will be ruined and all the fun that shisha brings to the table will evaporate. Keep the excitement in the experience and happy smoking!

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