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What makes you and I want to rush to a shisha lounge for an exciting shisha smoke is the flavouring of the tobacco. When smoking a shisha, the fruit-flavoured tobacco smells affluent and tastes smooth which gives you an intriguing experience. Smoking flavoured shisha is a sociable, fun, relaxing and romantic activity and takes the stress out of individuals. It is a good chance to have an ‘informal’ business meeting or a date with your partner.

There are loads of sensational, fruity and smooth shisha flavours available for shisha lovers. Shisha flavours that are 100% tobacco and nicotine-free are highly recommended for shisha lovers. You should make sure that your chosen flavour falls in this category in order to have the time of your life. Popular shisha flavour molasses such as Soex and High-life herbal are great tasting and very original.

There are two different types of shisha available; regular tobacco flavours and herbal shisha tobacco flavours. Just as the name suggests, regular tobacco is for those who are regular smokers. For those of you who don’t smoke, don’t feel left out. Herbal tobacco is just for you. It contains natural ingredients and artificial flavours and has 0% tobacco and 0% nicotine. Below are shisha flavours classed in the two main categories:

Herbal Molasses flavours:

Blueberry Orange Rose Kiwi Blackberry Lime
Lemon & mint Plum Mint Raspberry Double apple Banana
Liquorice Cola Peach Pomegranate Mixed fruits Mango
Cherry Watermelon Bubblegum Pineapple Grape Strawberry

Tobacco flavours:

Apricot Cardamom Lemon Cocktail Melon Peach
Jasmine Pineapple Cola Cafe Latte Cinnamon Cherry
Honey Berry Apple Double apple Grape Grenadine
Orange Vanilla Mango Bubblegum Plum Coconut
Rose Strawberry Cappuccino Watermelon Banana Mint


It is worth trying to mix 2 or more shisha flavours above in order to have a new and complex taste. You can even start your own brand by having tested and mixed up several flavours to produce a cocktail. You can customise the flavour to be sweet or sour as you wish. Popular mixtures include lemon, lime & mint. Also, you might want to add ice or other ingredients such as vodka, wine, fruit juice or any form of liquor to the water to give it a nourishing taste and enhance the experience.

Popular mixtures of shisha flavours include:

Bang Bang                              Big Bruce                                First Date

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