Shishalovers we have been on a break for a while but now we are truly back and i am please to see that there are some lounges that have really upped their game. Here is a list of some lounges that I think will really be a force to recon with in 2018!!!

SmokeLabs London

The heading on the Smokelab website says it all!

With us it is all about the experience Smoke Shisha the Right Way

With cutting edge equipment and a beautiful surrounding the smokelabs make sure you smoke your shisha the way it is mean to be smoked. Good product, good flavour, make with expert hands.


Drunch London

Situated in the center of trendy mayfair since 2013, Boutique Eatery & Lounge Alfresco Shisha Garden & Private “Living Room”, Drunch offer signiture halal breakfasts, lunch and dinner and very importantly a very classy shisha garden.

Drunch London

The Banc

The Banc restaurant and shisha lounge in North London is a beautifully transformed bank. The owners Jan and Fabio opened to the public in 2011 (the same year as Shisha lovers :)).The interior and outside space has been delicately transformed into both a mediterranean style restaurant with a Turkish twist

the banc