If you are a regular Shisha Lover you already know Shisha is one of the trendiest pastimes among the fashionable young crowd in the uk.

A tradition that can be tracked back to the Middle East, there are rumors that Shisha has been could be as harmful as 100 cigarettes.

This has led to a trendy new alternative for people that want to enjoy the same sensation of a traditional Shisha.

What is a Shisha Pen

Shisha Pens or eshish has been invented to create both a safe and fashionable Shisha experience.

Contracted into a small and discrete device, Shisha Pens come in a number of Flavors that will tingle your taste buds.

It is no wonder why Shisha Pens are a hit with celebrates such as the stars from the only way is essex, former miss England Laura Coleman and Rapper L Marshall.

Shish Pens are, tasty, colorful, and disposable, contain non-nicotine, no-tar or tobacco.

Flavors include: Blueberry, Apple, Grabe, Strawberry, Peach, Lemon, Cherry and more.

Shisha Pens, are easy to carry and disposable, the great range in flavours allow for up to 500 puffs of each Pen. The Shisha Pens can legally be smoked in doors  and does not contain any of the harmful chemicals you would find in a traditional cigarette.

Celebrities  enjoying a Shisha Pen

celebs doing eshish