Famous Hip-hop rapper ‘Drizzy’ Drake has joined the shisha Lovers family. And if one thing is certain, it is that he has joined the clan in style. I hope you all wouldn’t mind if I commend Drake as the shisha star of the moment.

Yes there’s news all over the internet over his alleged fight with R&B star Chris Brown. In
reality, it wasn’t a star-to-star fight but a battle between both entourages of the stars. But
who cares really.

We all watch Drake make fabulous music and entertaining music videos but it seems like he has come up with another wing of entertainment videos – hookah smoking video.

In the brief video, the 25 year old YMCMB star shows up his mesmerising shisha smoking
skills as he shoots hoops in the air and tries to catch them by exhaling more smoke in a
coherent manner.

Of course, there has to be a sick tune to accompany such hookah relaxation. Whilst the
rapper blows perfect smoke balls, he reveals a rap line of what is perceived to be a tune in an upcoming project: “You see bad b****es and fall in love/ I be talkin’ arithmetic in the
club,” He raps the unnamed track which plays in the background.

If you think I’m just blagging then check out the video below. I was wowed and left
astonished and I’m sure you will be too.

Check out the video below of Drizzy Drake showing off his hookah smoking skills:

Yes that’s Drake out there doing what he does best after making music of course.

Can you blow out perfect smoke rings like that? tweet through your videos to @shishalovers and get featured in our hall of fame which we will be launching very soon.

image courtesy of http://mrflavour.co.uk/

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