Finally the message has gotten through that smoking can cause all manner of cancers, as well as heart disease, respiratory problems and a great deal of other health related ailments, none of which are good.

It is likely that one or a number of these factors have been considered when you are thinking about quitting smoking, but how will you know if the time is right for you?

Choosing the right time to quit is very important, as failure to kick the habit once is much more likely to discourage an individual from trying to quit smoking on another occasion.

Why Do It?

Although it seems like an obvious question, your motivation for quitting smoking could be the key to whether you do it successfully or not. If you are doing it because you have been told to, or because it seems like a good idea, then your chances of success are likely to be greatly reduced. Should you be quitting smoking to improve your health and through a desire to see your children and grandchildren grow up, then you will be much likelier to deal with the tough times cravings can bring, and see the task through to the end.

You Do Need Help

If you have not yet joined a support group or spoken to other ex-smokers, then the time is not right for you to quit smoking. Without a network around you who know what you are going through and can empathise with your situation, you may well be on the road to nowhere. Even the best of friends can be somewhat useless if they haven’t smoked before, especially as they are much more likely to say “just get on with it” when you may be experiencing a particularly strong and nasty craving.

Choosing Products

Similar to leaning on a support network of people, using smoking cessation aids is another way to greatly enhance your chances of giving in for good. Nicotine withdrawal can lend itself to causing some pretty unpleasant feelings and side effects, so strong that they can see you puffing away again in an instant. Consult with your doctor to find out which products are available, and those that are likely to be the most beneficial to you. Smoking cessation products range from patches and gum, through to nasal sprays and electronic cigarettes.

The planning and consideration that goes into quitting smoking is almost as important as the act itself. As with many things in life, planning for success will make it much easier to get there. Adopt this attitude towards quitting smoking and you will find your goals more within reach than ever before.

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