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Hello folks. Hope you all are bracing yourselves to the London 2012 Olympic Games as the countdown keeps clicking. It promises to be the wettest Olympic but who cares? The interesting part is millions of tourists and athletes will jet down to London to witness the
spectacular event.

Enough of the overhyped Olympics. A few weeks back, I wrote a post on Drake showing his love for shisha. Personally, I thought that was the pinnacle as you wouldn’t find various  star names in the shisha album gallery.

Apparaently, the shisha list continues this time with one too many superstars (or role models as you may call it).

Here is a list of the famous stars who can’t hide their love and admiration for shisha:

1. The one and only Mario BALOTELLI

No need to come up with a bio on him. In my opinion, he’s the most popular player in the Premier League. The likes of Wayne Rooney and John Terry come second-fiddle. Despite losing out on a Euro 2012 medal, he jets down to a strip club in France and swims in a league of elegant ladies whilst smoking shisha. See pictures below:

2. The lady with the best body…Kim Kardashian

Armanian, brunette, whatever you wish to call her. She would’ve probably been the last star I would’ve suspected to integrate into the shisha game. Is it fair to say we should see some hookahs and shisha bubbles in Kanye West’ next album videos? Check her out below:


3. Drizzy Drake

Yes I know I’ve already spoken about him, but he’s definitely worth mentioning isn’t he? Still undoubtedly the king of shisha for the manner and swag he has about smoking his shisha.
check out the pics below



Who’s going to be the next star on the list…?


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