The Banc Shisha Lounge - London

The Banc shisha lounge and restaurant in North London (N15) is a beautifully transformed bank.

The owners Jan and Fabio opened to the public in 2011 (the same year as Shisha lovers. The interior and outside space has been delicately transformed into both a Mediterranean style restaurant with a Turkish twist.

The Banc shisha lounge arguably provides the best Shisha in London


Award winning food at the Banc Restaurant

The Banc pride them on quality and serve freshly cooked food with ingredients sourced from the local community. The meat is Halal, the banc burgers are particularly tasty and rated by many meat lovers as the best in the city. And whats do shishalovers need after a hearty meal? of course a great shisha and the banc does not fail to deliver.

A Restaurant and Shisha Lounge that is a hit with celebrities

When something is good, no matter where it is the news gets around and it certainly has about the banc. Already a hit with the local community the banc has has the pleasure of welcoming the rich and famous including Tottenham footballer Kyle Walker, Wreth 32 and Amir Khan himself.

Service is a big priority for Jan and Fabio and I am please to say every customer gets the special treatment.

5* Review

The banc delivers the best shisha in london

The banc consistently delivers the best shisha in London, the quality of materials and the art dedicated to making some of the best food in the city has been mirrored to the shisha lounge. Each shisha is carefully crafted to delivery smooth, consistent smoke. Every popular flavour is available and service is top notch.

Stay warm in The Banc's Shisha lounge

Heating insulation means you stay warm in the outdoors. We all know the weather in the UK does not make it ideal to smoke outdoors. The Banc have smartly invested in a state of the art heating system to ensure you stay nice and warm even on the coldest of night.

The Service and Atmosphere

Each customer is treated like a VIP at the banc, you are welcomed at the door and the staff are around to deliver you every request, within reason.
A smart dress code is required which contributes to a mature audience.
The Atmosphere With a 21+ years policy, the banc ensures a mature audience at its venue, a smart dress code and reasonable prices ensure the clientele is good, this along with good music, great food and drinks (Hot a cold) and lets not forget the shisha – this makes for a great overall experience.New Shisha flavours and cutting edge technology The banc have often been the pioneers in trying something unique, I remember they were the first team to introduce IRON Bru flavour, Skittles, Gummybears to the UK and even tested a flavour called the chameleon which changed flavour as you smoke it. This uniqueness and willingness to push the boundaries is one of the many reasons this is one of my favourite lounges and restaurants in London.

What flavour to pick at the lounge

If your thinking about what flavour to smoke at the lounge, this is your choice but I would recommend either grape & mint a classic, Lemon chill by social smoke or frozen apple and raspberry- YUM!

Traveling to The Banc

Location: 261- 263 West Green Road N15 3BH

Telephone: 0208 888 8898

Opening Times

Monday: 5pm – 1am
Tuesday: 5pm – 1am
Wednesday: : 5pm – 1am
Thursday : 5pm – 2am
Friday: 5pm – 2am
Saturday: 5pm – 2am
Sunday: 5pm – 2am

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