Shisha health risks – What is the truth about the health risks associated with Shisha Smoking.

shisha smoking

Shisha Lovers prides itself on transparency, we advise on the best Shisha spots in London and love our customers which is why we want to talk about the sensitive topic of the real effects of Shisha Smoking,

As the popularity of Shisha Smoking increases so will the research into the health facts, it is important that every Shisha user is aware of the “potential” risks of shisha smoking.

It’s a fact that too much of anything is not a good thing, too much sugar, salt, junk food etc… and the same could be said about Shisha Smoking.

In all honestly we feel the facts are inconclusive which is why we want to share the top articles and sources around at the moment so you can judge for yourselves.

Please #smokeresponsibly

Hookah health warning: Smoke from shisha pipes contains dangerous levels of lead and uranium which can increase the risk of cancer.

Source: British Heart Foundation
Designated area on the BHF website associated to Shisha

Source: BBC
Shisha ‘as harmful as cigarettes’