The popularity of shisha smoking whether it is alone or with friends has surged in popularity over the past years.

With the number of fruity and exotic flavours available it appeals to both genders and in particular the Muslim community as it is seen an “acceptable” social pass time.

Over the years we have seen an explosion of Shisha lounges opening up though out the uk and this site has been setup to share these.

You will notice that on every cafe listing their is a  review star rating, this is based on what the shishalovers team think of the overall atmosphere, service and importantly shisha.

Example of rating


Shisha or Hookah culture is young, fun and social and this has been transformed in the shisha Lovers digital platform. We have a number of characters illustrated to protray this by a young, creative artist known as Mr Beef who has done a great job in bringing my ideas to life.

Illustration 1

Shisha lovers concept one

Illustration 2

Shisha lovers characters

Illustration 3

shisha lovers concept 3

If you want to begin reviewing the best shisha lounges in London, visit our comprehensive cafes review section.

Hope you enjoy your time here and come back to see what’s happing in the shisha world.!

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