Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and couples will be looking to make some plans to celebrate it. Flowers, chocolates, dinner, a movie – all typical and all done over a million times. Why not introduce some shisha to the day?

For those who are fans, why not visit your favourite spot and have a comfortable and enjoyable day? Most shisha lounges serve milkshakes and other lovely drinks that you can share with your loved one. Or if you have your own shisha at home, you can cuddle up on the couch, smoke and enjoy being in each others company.

Valentine’s Day will be the perfect excuse to try some new flavours and there are some designed especially for the day. Try some sweeter or fruiter flavours to cement the day.

February 14th isn’t just for couples. All the independent and singletons out there should take advantage of that day. Girls and boys should gather their friends and head out to have some shisha. Who knows, you many end up meeting someone there. It’s a popular pastime and getting to know one another over some shisha is the perfect way. You’ll have a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere to have what could end up being a first date.

Or, just grab your best friends and go out or stay in with a shisha, snacks, and drinks and have a wild time celebrating a day that can mean something to everyone and let your hair down. It’s a good excuse to bring the shisha out.

So if you haven’t got anything planned for Valentine’s Day, take the untraditional route this year and do something completely different but make it your own. After all, if you love your shisha, why would you neglect it on the day of love?

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